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Officer Meeting for Post & Auxiliary: 1700 hours, 2nd Tuesday of each month, Our Lady of Wisdom Byzantine Catholic Church, 2120 Lindell Rd.

General Membership Meeting for Post & Auxiliary: 2nd Tuesday of each month, 1900 hours meeting, Our Lady of Wisdom Byzantine Catholic Church, 2120 Lindell Rd.

Post Activities


1. CATHOLIC ACTION: Catholic Action is the participation of the laity in programs of the church such as:

  • Spiritual Bouquet to the Holy Father
  • Keep Christ in Christmas
  • Rosary decade a day
  • Memorial Program
  • Pro-Life
  • Corporate Communion Masses
  • Special Prayers, Penance and Devotions during Lent
2. AMERICANISM: The Americanism Program assures the civic health of the community
  • Promote Patriotic Holidays
  • Promote Voter Registration and Voting
  • Keep Members Appraised of Legislative Issues
3. YOUTH PROGRAMS: Sponsor and participate in organizing and conducting youth programs
  • Poster and Essay Contests
  • Promote Letter Writing and Get Well Cards for Hospitalized Veterans
  • Actively Support the Boy Scouts of America and Other Youth Clubs
  • Father Vincent R. Capodanno, MM, Junior ROTC Scholarship Program
4. WELFARE PROGRAM: Assist veterans, their families and widows
  • Maintain and Operate a Food Pantry (temporarily closed due to affects of Covid-19 restrictions)
  • Participate in Veterans Service Fair — We take care of Veterans
  • Educate and Assist Veterans, Their Families, Widows and Orphans in the Process to Obtain VA Medical Care and VA Benefits and Compensation
  • Refer Individuals to Appropriate Community Resources
5. HONOR GUARD: Provide Honor Guard for Veteran's Ceremonies and Upon the Request from Family Members for Veteran's Funerals and Burials.

6. VAVS PROGRAM: We are active in the VA Volunteer Service Program.

Catholic War Veterans who volunteer with the Veterans Administration Voluntary Service Program get credit for volunteer work at veterans clinics, hospitals, administrative offices, and other veterans assistance events. Our Lady of Peace Post 1947 will also get credit for your volunteer service hours if you assign them to the Post. You can assign hours to different organizations if you wish to.

Make an appointment with the Department of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service Contact:

VA Voluntary Service
VA Voluntary Service Contact
VA Medical Center Room 1C207
6900 North Pacos
North Las Vegas, NV 89036 (702)791–9134

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. — 4:30 p.m., Monday — Friday

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